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Reading at Elliott Bay Book Company, Seattle


These events have been cancelled and/or postponed

until the CDC finds air travel safe. 


March 17: Magoo's, Tacoma, WA 5:00 P.M.

March 18: Tobey Jones, Tacoma, WA

March 19: NW Peace Corps, Vancouver, WA

2019 Schedule for Tacoma Stories Readings and Signing

October 14: Tacoma Historical Society, University of Puget Sound, 7 P.M.

September 10: Panorama Auditorium, Lacey, Washington 98503

June 12: Book Club, Browns Point, WA

June 11: Book Club, Tacoma, WA

April 11: Las Vegas, Nevada Writer's Block Bookstore, Downtown Las Vegas

March 9: Pacific Northwest Shop Signing, Tacoma, WA Pacific Northwest Shop

MARCH 7: Tacoma, WA Kings Bookstore

March 2: Brown's Pt., Tacoma, WA Kobetich Library

February 15: Seattle, Washington Elliott Bay Book Company